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12 definitions by Straemer

The second Tuesday of the month when Bill Gates puts out the newest patch for Windows. Always proceeded with Reboot Wednesday
guy 1: Happy patch Tuesday!
guy 2: huh?
guy 1: nvm its a computer nerd thing
by Straemer September 11, 2007
The day after Crash Thursday (the second Friday of months that don't begin with a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday). The day you have to perform a system restore on your computer due to the effects of the patch you installed on Patch Tuesday that caused your Crash Thursday. Done to prevent further crashes from occuring
Guy 1: Happy System Restore Friday!
Guy 2: Ya, hopefully they fix the patch up so I don't get another Crash Thursday
by Straemer October 10, 2007
lol with a Spanish accent, laugh aaaout loud, or even laugh aaaout laaoud.
guy 1: wassup?
guy 2: the ceiling
guy 1: lal
by Straemer August 27, 2007
nickname for the drummer of the very awesome band, korn
Munky got his nickname becuase his limbs are long, so he resembles a monkey
by straemer November 30, 2006
> means "less than", and 3 means three, therefore <3 means less than three
2<3 would mean that two is less than three, which it is
by straemer June 26, 2006