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1. the act of putting aside what is right for what is popular.
2. a virtue of a man/woman without conviction.

see also liberal.
"The court said the school had to take down the ten commandments because they felt it didn't show religious tolerance"
by Stormin Norman January 10, 2006
a person, object or situation being fucked up.
"Damn i threw my phone against the wall and now it's fuckered!"

"Dude i drank that whole bottle of Crown i was so fuckered"

"So i lost my job today. Yeh this is so fuckered"
by Stormin Norman January 10, 2006
1. A person of lesser intelligence who believes the lies produced by Michael Moore.
2. A person who bases there political views off what they heard from Michael Moore and other left wing idiots.

See also socialist.
Dick: "Did you hear what that guy said about the president?"
George: "Yeh he is such a mooron."
by Stormin Norman January 10, 2006
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