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A tater hog is an overweight woman, who eats a lot of potato chips.

She can have feet odor, a kitchen full of unwashed dishes and an uncleaned catbox. Usually this woman smokes copious amounts of weed and injects meth to "keep her figure" which only causes her to gain more weight.

The tater hog is a huge slut, who will have sex with any guy she can find who is in the carnival and will give her potato chips.

She is usually married to a guy, who looks like Doug Henning and is severely undernourished. The tater hog often uses her husband as a human punching bag after demanding sexual bondage and/or anal intercourse.

May be found sporting a Tazmanian Devil tattoo or TAZ underneath her belly and above her vagina.
Wow that tater hog went down to the Santicaligon Days celebration and ate at least three bags of potato chips. Then she made out with the guy, who was supposed to be operating the ferris wheel.
by Stoned 420 August 17, 2007
A band that appeals to 40-ish guys who work as middle managers at Brandsmart. Balding ex-metal group from the mid-80s that won't retire and continues to make horrible music with no rhythm or form. A band that literally isn't fit to lick the buttsweat off Slayer's balls. Still living off the success of a couple of OK metal albums released from 1983-86.
Metallica is in the studio with Nelly and Bob Segar again.

Even Rick Rubin can't produce an album that doesn't suck with Metallica in the studio. Lars Ulrich plays drums like he's got Parkinson's disease.
by Stoned 420 August 17, 2007
A white person from the United States of America, who didn't blame himself or herself personally for the 9-11 attacks. A person who'd rather fight than be anally raped in jail. A person with prison tats, shaved heads, mohawks or long hair, body piercings, etc. They love to smoke marijuana and listen to bands like Black Sabbath, Slayer, Turbonegro and the Butthole Surfers. They are the opposite of rich, Kennedy liberals from the Northeastern US. If white trash people attended college, they went to a state college and paid their own way through without the help of their parents. Historical examples of American white trash: Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, U.S. Grant, Harry S Truman, Bill Clinton and George S Patton.
This person never shops at the Gap or spends money at Starbucks. They don't molest little boys, and they think that handing the country over to two hundred million illegal immigrants might not be as good for the economy as the analysts at the Wall Street Journal think it is. He's/she's purebred American white trash.
by Stoned 420 August 16, 2007

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