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50 cent need to get real. 50 cent is very delusional. He claim to be as good or better than Tupac, which is bullshit. Tupac wrote his own songs, while 50 just copy from other people, change it and claim it as his own. The only original song I've heard from him on "The Massacre", which is the worst album by the way, is "Gatman and Robin" but it sound more like Eminem song rather than his song. Not only that, I dont think he realize most of his fan are white. I'm white and I dont even like his songs one bit. I believe the reason why he popular because most of the great like Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. died or retired like DMX. Another reason is he is popular because he is "hot" and he was "shots" 9 times, which sound completely bullshit. I dont even think he the toughest man there is. You know when he started the beef with Jadakiss and Jadakiss start going at him, he just turn into a coward and tried to make up with Jadakiss. So, that lead me to believe he will talk trash but he dont have the gut to back up his word. I dont know what he gonna do later in the future but I do know this. He need to pull his head of his ass and start getting real because Rap & Hip-Hop is heading to a terrible end because of 50.
Fat Joe is a fat bastard! He need to lose weight before he can get his dick suck! He...behind me, aint he?
A G-Unit member nodded. 50 Cent turn around, seeing a piss off big man.
"Whoa, ok big guy, um, I-I was just-" didnt finish what he was trying to say and end up getting punch in the face, getting KO.
by Stone Cold Truth April 01, 2006

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