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What you yell out of your car window when you see a big fat lard ass dragging his hulking huge ass down the street or waiting for the loser cruiser to take him to his job at Mickey Dees or Taco Smell or Circle K.

You yell these words all together very fat,"Fatmotherfucker!!!" Then drive though a mud puddle splashing their brown polyester uniform with filthy water then roars off laughing.

Smell ya later
Lookit that fat fuck nut waiting for the bus, opens car window,yells out window
FATMOTHERFUCKER!!! Drives through large puddle splashes water on fat boy. Fat boy stands there covered in muddy water scratching,"What the Fuck???"

Assholes in car drive off laffing like hyenas.

by Stewart Larkin June 07, 2007
This is the name of the Afghanistan version of Bart Simpson.
Bort Simpsoy!
Learn in love it Laff it!!
What is on TV tonight?
The Simpsoys Staring Bort Simpsoy!

Oh Score! We will have many larfs for sure this night!
by Stewart Larkin March 11, 2009
When one snoops around the offices and other private areas of a company one works at, this is done if you work the graveyard shift.You look around in areas that you could not if you worked in the day,there would be people working there and they would object.Mostly looking in peoples private offices for privileged info ect, this also includes looking in to private refrigerators to grab some sneaky snacks.
Setting: Graveyard shift at General Manufacturing.

Hey where is that dam Johnny I need him to take over for me while I go to the bathroom.

Oh Johnny is out adventuring in the supervisors office again.

Oh shit.

Johnny comes back, Hey assholes guess what I just found out!


We gonna get laid off on April 1st!
I just saw the memo on Ms. Ironbottoms desk.

Oh fuck I just bought a new Skidoo!

Haw-Haw tough shit for you !

No more job for you!!!
by Stewart Larkin March 11, 2009
smooth move Gilligan
This is what you say to someone who just did something terribly stupid and foolish,like the TV character Gilligan.
Gilligan's Island
Oh little buddy!
The professor and Mary Ann here on Gilligan's Island.
Why are your clothes all torn and covered with monkey feces?
I slipped in a plie of monkey poop on my way to feed Mr.Peepers.
Oh smooth move Gilligan!
Ooh snap, you shit covered retard.
by Stewart Larkin March 11, 2009
A brand of shoe that used to be sold at old K-mart fall apart back in the day,the 70's and 80's. If one had these shoes your buddies would make fun of you because they were not cool like name brand shoes,Nike, Addias or what ever.These shoes were the type your parents bought you if they were cheap or on the welfare.
They had some cool styles,running type with green suede and yellow stripes.
K-Mart no longer sells these type of shoes,what a shame.

These shoes had their own school yard song.
Tracks make your feet feel fine! Tracks only a nickel and a dime!
Hey man check out my new shoes!

Haw-Haw!Tracks make your feet feel fine! Tracks only a nickel and a dime! Har-Har!!

Waaaaa?? Oh shut up you retard!

Nice Tracks K-Mart fall apart.
by Stewart Larkin June 12, 2007
A verb, to dork to have sexual relations with someone,usually a woman. Because you look stupid while you are doing the dirty deed.
I saw the blondie with the nice fat ass over by the bar and I really wanted to dork her big time.
by Stewart Larkin June 19, 2007
A boss hog is what one calls a very obese woman that bosses around her wimpy pussy whipped boy friend. The woman should be at least over 200 pounds.
Hey Morton wanna play poker tonight? No I don't think I can go tonight. Oh boss hog said no again. No shut up! No you shut up!
by Stewart Larkin June 15, 2007

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