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A person with lips so big they seem capable of creating a vacuum.
Stevie: That kid Kurt is a real Dirt Devil.
Rob: Yea, his lips consume his whole face.
by Stevie Myers October 04, 2007
A player on Halo 1,2 or 3 whom over uses the active camo.
Stevie:What the fuck, I just died for no reason!
Rob: Nah man, that invisibitch got you.
by Stevie Myers October 04, 2007
A kill on Halo 3 that is gained after the killer has died him/herself. Usually achieved by throwing a grenade just before dying.
Stevie: Shit!
Rob: What?
Stevie: I shotgunned that nube in the face but he got a nade off and blew me to hell!
Rob: He ghost killed yo ass!
by Stevie Myers October 04, 2007
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