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2 definitions by Steven the Rat

Perhaps one of finest dishes in chinese cuisine. Available at the world-famous Grand Chau Chow, located in the heart of Chinatown in Boston, MA. I believe the name says it all. Featured dish amongst the chef's recommendations for obvious reasons. Retails for $12.95. Only $11.95 if you don't remind removing the shell yourself.
Waiter: What can I get you guy?
Litwin: Don't call me guy. Could we get an order of sesame chicken, crispy salty shrimp and its close cousin, crispy aromatic shrimp.
Waiter: So you want one sesame chicken, one crispy salty shrimp and one crispy aromatic shrimp:
Litwin: Nah fuck it. Let me just get three crispy salty shrimps.
Weinberg: Could we also get a big bowl of ducksauce? (Shows the imaginary bowl with his two hands)
by Steven the Rat May 13, 2006
To contain a strong desire for something that satisfies something deep inside, typically a bad habit. Usually tends to be either drugs, cigarettes or chinese food.
At 3:30 AM I was feening Grand Chau Chow, because "the salty crispy shrimp is real finger-lickin but they also have the best sesame chicken!"
by Steven the Rat May 13, 2006