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1 definition by Steven Zakrzewski

A person of any gender, who has been brainwashed or coerced into activity through a secret U.N/ New World Order initiative whose goal is, by destroying males by any and all means, to adjust the balance of power towards non-traditional families or towards single women. The end result is to create more unhappiness and chaos so as to destroy the power of the traditional family unit, and to put more power, particularly in the indoctrination of children, into the hands of government social scientists and new-age educators. Part of the original Margaret Sanger eugenics movement; she had powerful Nazi connections.
Infamous "Gang of Five" man-hating judges were indoctrinated Feminazis. They cut a vicious swathe through Ontario, Canada jurisprudence in the early '90's. Out of 700 cases heard, mostly in family court, 99% ruled in favour of women and for Children's Aid.
The ensuing scandal has since been covered up.
by Steven Zakrzewski September 13, 2005