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Ol' Monkeyface was a pioneer to the Golden State of California during the gold rush. After having tried his luck at odd jobs on the mighty Mississippi and a failed trip to find riches in South America, Ol' Monkeyface continued his voyage around the tip of South America and headed to old San Francisco.

Whilst there he encountered a number of strange characters and had many strange adventures before heading to the Sutter Mill region of Northern California. While there he failed to find gold (though often was it on his mind) but had many adventures and he-hi-larity.

A particularly funny anecdote pertained to a time when he attempted to wrestle a dozen armadillos.

His descendents live in the East and North bay, close to San Ramon, CA
Ol' Monkeyface says: (some bit of dusty wisdom)
by Steven G. Harms October 28, 2004

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