2 definitions by Steven Earps

1) Someone with an enormous chest who can not clean underneath their boobs properly so a grit begins to form there. (Including man boobs)

2) Insult; referring to a person who looks unclean.
Take a look at those gritty titties on that chick.

Tell your brother to take a bath, his gritty titties are stankin' up the place.
by Steven Earps April 10, 2007
Someone who comes to your home uninvited, only to have them fall asleep randomly during odd times. For example while playing a board game, watching a movie, watching a movie in a movie theater, during a conversation, during a five minute drive to an IHOP, while looking up superdickery, while eating a sandwich, while on the toilet, so much so that you can play ring toss on a cup on his head.
Their sleeping is so bad that trying to wake them becomes impossible and results in literally throwing them out the door.
Wow my uncle Dick is always coming over, and paxtoning on me.
by Steven Earps April 10, 2007

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