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1 definition by Stevemackey12

A hater is a person who hates on a person for no conceivable reason, just hates, no opinions needed.

A hater is not...

1. A person with justifiable reason to hate someone.
2. A Person who expresses true opinion, or justifiable dislike for something(a music artist, band, singer, etc)

Hater is a word often over used by the youth of today as a defense mechanism when you down their favorite rapper, singer or band. The word "hater" is often mislabeled as people with honest or differing opinions from what's popular today. Most people of generation y can't take opinion or know how to form opinions, just to dick ride what ever they hear on the radio now days.
Example of a hater
Guy 1 - "Man fuck Drake, he sucks, he's lame"
Guy 2 - "Why?"
Guy 1 - "Because he just does"

Example of a person with a opinion
Guy 1 - "I don't like Drake's music, he's average at best, and he's honestly not my type of music"
Guy 2 - "Hater !"
Guy 1 - "Why? Because I have an opinion differing from yours"
by Stevemackey12 February 23, 2010
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