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When an individual ejaculates and then the load changes colors similar to the way a chameleon does. This is possibly due to a birth defect or living in close proximity to a power plant.
Billy- "I was jerking the other day and after I jizzed on my stomach the jizz turned green and then purple".

Lance- "Dude, you need to go to a doctor. Thats like a cumeleon."

Billy- " Yeah I know but Greg is throwing a rave on Friday and he offered me 50 bucks to jack off on a overhead projector".

Lance- "nice, I would make him throw in two tabs also. That way you can eat one and plug one.

Billy- "Good idea, thats why you are the man.
by Steve the face glazer February 02, 2011
Right after the act of ejaculating on the face of your partner, throw curry on their face and start saying "li li li li li li li li li li li li" very rapidly and in a high pitch.
Doug- " Hey that dot-head you banged last night wasn't bad".

Steve- "Bro, she was hot. I gave her a mumbai money shot and told her to call a cab. Coincidentally the cab driver was her dad. That bitch still had rice in her hair".

Doug- "Dude, you are awesome the only other guy able to pull off a mumbai money shot was steve the face glazer".
by Steve the face glazer February 02, 2011

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