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Flype is a combination of the words fight & type. The origins of how the L got into the word are unknown. Unconfirmed sources say it comes from the word flight.
The word originated from the famous Flype Club that have a presence on both Twitter & Tumblr.
Their offbeat is not unsimilar to that of early Monty Python even though they swear that they are serious.
Their moto is "There's only one rule, we don't talk about the Flype Club". They also are the inventors of Brutal Honesty TM
I've had up to hear with the red tape i'm going to Flype back.
by Steve Swrong March 26, 2008
When flyping in anger or under duress, the number of typos tends to increase. The Flype Club definition of this, is a Flypo.
From the definition of Flype on the Urban Dictionary. "I've had up to hear with the red tape i'm going to Flype back"
Hear instead of here is a typical Flypo.
by Steve Swrong March 27, 2008
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