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3 definitions by Steve Monroe

Noun: Bed Sheet Troll
1. A woman who engages in sexual intercourse in a profligate manner
2. (informal) a promiscuous woman

chicken head, cyprian, douche bag, floozie, hussy, loose, promiscuous, skank, slut, sluttish, strumpet, tart, trull, wanton, wench, whore
Guy: "Oh, look sweetheart, your best friend is doing some strange guy in our bed!"

Girl: "Haha, I know, she's such a bed sheet troll!"
by Steve Monroe January 01, 2008
Having no morals, conscience or empathy.
"These malfeasant corporations are griefless."
by Steve Monroe January 08, 2008
A full length film documentary. A popular genre of feature film shown in theaters alongside more common genres. A form of cinema popularized and pioneered by Michael Moore.
"Michael Moore's new movumentary really opened my eyes"
by Steve Monroe January 23, 2008