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2 definitions by Steve Kok

The acting of stealing ones belongs, Ideas, Glory,
Freakin' awesome jokes, or wife.

2.Verb: Past tense-
Yo That guy Just Snaggelbasked My iPod.
-Dude! Your Snaggelbaskin' all the spotlight
-You Snaggelbaskin' Thief
-Wanna stop eye ballin' my donut your thinking about Snaggelbaskin'?
-I'm about to Snaggelbask You Life away, Said the Grim Reaper.
by Steve Kok December 07, 2007
Adjective -

Talking to a Girl Online, That you know but haven't seen in awhile.
Then when you finally get to chill with her You have nothing to say.

E- Online
Quard- Awkward

Mike and Dana Talk every night for like 3 weeks,
but when they met up on day to hang out the feeling was Ekward.
by Steve Kok December 07, 2007