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Adjective -

Talking to a Girl Online, That you know but haven't seen in awhile.
Then when you finally get to chill with her You have nothing to say.

E- Online
Quard- Awkward

Mike and Dana Talk every night for like 3 weeks,
but when they met up on day to hang out the feeling was Ekward.
by Steve Kok December 07, 2007
The acting of stealing ones belongs, Ideas, Glory,
Freakin' awesome jokes, or wife.

2.Verb: Past tense-
Yo That guy Just Snaggelbasked My iPod.
-Dude! Your Snaggelbaskin' all the spotlight
-You Snaggelbaskin' Thief
-Wanna stop eye ballin' my donut your thinking about Snaggelbaskin'?
-I'm about to Snaggelbask You Life away, Said the Grim Reaper.
by Steve Kok December 07, 2007
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