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An imaginary creature that lives under one's floorboards and arises at night to tickle the scrotums of insecure thirteen year old boys who someday dream of becoming playwrights.
Poor Davey McDoodlestein hasn't slept in five days, and I'll tell you why - it's all because of that smelly little Shimbly Wingbarker that lives in his closet. I told him to get that thing taken care of, I did, but you know these kids today think that they know everything...
by Steve Kaye December 03, 2005
A member of a not-so-secret and vaguely homoerotic society originating in Danville, California. A Nipple Ninja is fluent in many techniques of nipple flipping, and performs his art on unsuspecting victims. These moves (examples include: The horseshoe, the rainbow, the monkey wrench, and the Horny Hungarian) can be performed in friendly or unfriendly situations.
Holy shit, that Nipple Ninja just pulled a "guillotine" on Madlwski's fat nips.
by Steve Kaye December 03, 2005
A mixture of the words chow and grub, is used to refer to eating unhealthy food for a long period of time, because there is simply nothing else to do.
Shit man this movie sucks. Let's just go back to Blake's, get some chub, and turn on "Army of Darkness".
by Steve Kaye December 03, 2005
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