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The use of the english language without any slang or improper grammer. This is excluding add-on's such as the following:
and other 'gangster' slang or anything Snoop Dawg may say.
George: Hello sir! How are you today?
James: I am fine, how about yourself?
George: I am fine as well! Good bye friend!
James: Good bye!
George: Thank you for using Correct English so I can understand you sir!
James: Not a problem!

Here is englinsh when its not used correctly

Shoquifa: Yo' Bitxch! Wher' yo' azz bee!?
Nalatifa: Aw hewll naw! Hewll naaaaw! I know's yous forshizzin' azz aint talkin' to me hoe!
Shoquifa: Hewll yeas I was!
by Steve Collins February 13, 2006

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