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A school located in Texas about 4 hours west of Dallas. Known for it's good looking people and rowdy crowd. Texas Tech students generally have alot more social skills than students at Texas A&M. Texas Tech does not have a fake military( the corps. ) #2 Hottest girls in Playboy magazine. Texas A&M has a hatred for Texas Tech due to the fact they get beat by Texas Tech every year in every sport so they have to resort to slanderous, false, ignorant comments about the academics at Texas Tech. General snobby fans. A generally wealthy population of students.
If texas tech got in a fist fight with any other school, texas tech would win.

Texas tech beat texas A&M this year. In everything.

All Big 12 fans are scared of Texas Tech fans. That's why they don't come to Lubbock.
by Stetson Jackson April 16, 2007

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