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5 definitions by Sterling Luckey

In Maple Story, a common phrase used as a joke or term meaning
"people to pass" also used in other manners.
Pro: CC Please
Player:I was here first you cc.
Pro: ppl2pass

Also, in other ways like.
by Sterling Luckey August 19, 2007
Slang for the Iphone.
Shit man, your Ipheezy be weak!
by Sterling Luckey April 04, 2008
A good friend of yours that is black and first name starts with a c and last name with a b.

Also when you see someones ex girl that thats embarrassing to talk to.
Sterling & J.D.: Cbreezy! Cbreezy!
Cody: Mannnnnn! You already know!
by Sterling Luckey April 04, 2008
In for the creep;
Have it be via facebook/skype/myspace/twitter/chan.

You're in soley for the creep
for trying to beat the creep to the post.
Shannon to Rachel: I had fun tonight with you know who! ;)
"you know who" commenting on Rachels wall post: in4thecreep.
by Sterling Luckey March 29, 2010
When you "see" one of your friends flirting with the opposite sex, and sometimes the same sex.

Some of the times he/she may not even be flirting but in the situation you want to make shit awkward you may still "see" them.
(Person A walks up to person B and person C and sees them talking"

Person A: I see you!

Person B: Damn, he caught me...
Person C: Why does he see us?
by Sterling Luckey November 09, 2009