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3 definitions by Stereotypical Asian LOL

when two individuals have loud sex in the "doggy style" position
By the look of Paris Hilton's face, you can obviously tell she's been having rigorous elephant sex.
by Stereotypical Asian LOL August 05, 2010
The tendency to arrive to an event or occasion 30-60 minutes late.
Schedule Dragon Boat practice at 8:00 not 8:30 because most of the people in our team are running on Asian time.
by Stereotypical Asian LOL July 27, 2010
term used as an abbreviation of the terms "lol" or "lawl," usually used sarcastically or annoyed in response to an action, can also be used casually
James: Wow that noob got merked
Shelly: L what a scrub
James: Lmao! Ikr?
by Stereotypical Asian LOL July 27, 2010