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The oversized areolas of huge-tittied fat, white chicks. The brown color of the outsized areolas, surrounded by acres of white tit flesh, brings to mind the rusty sewer lids that punctuate our concrete, urban landscapes.
When I got that fat slut home and took off her bra, I was disgusted to find pubes growing from her big, ol' sewer lids.
by Stephen Shake Spear July 22, 2007
A sexual maneuver originating in France but quickly gaining in popularity in America.

This tactic is deployed during doggy style sex, either vaginal or anal and was created to increase the sexual pleasure of the male participant. Just prior to the thrusting male's orgasm, he deftly reaches back and craps in his own hand. Upon achieving his own glorious climax, he quickly and robustly grabs the hair of his unsuspecting lover and jerks her head back toward him. This strategem serves to both cut the distance to her face and mildly injure her neck. He then smashes the steaming pile of poo into one the eyes of his now-whiplashed lover. When applied forcefully and accurately, the resultant turd to the eye bears a respectable resemblance to the mask worn by the disfigured phantom in the popular musical, Phantom of the Opera.
Everybody run! Jake just gave Tamika an angry phantom, and she's got a gun!
by Stephen Shake Spear July 22, 2007

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