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A wool is an uncouth person from the land of St. Helens. Some wools decide to span out and dress equally like us superior Scouse folk, but others choose to be less appealing. The girls all wear Diadora pants and Umbro jumpers hair tied up and huge loopy ear-rings, the lads wear similarly the same but Rockport boots. The lads will think they are hard and usually rabble rouse with the Scousers only to be beaten down and the girls are the most filthiest I have ever encountered. Basically it's not good to be a wool.
Scouser: "Shut up you wool"
Wool: "Fuck off you scouse cunt!"
Wool on the floor unconscious.
#manc #chav #yokel #st helens #twat
by Stephen C Sergeant October 11, 2005
Manchester is a city situated to the east of a great city. The great city being Liverpool. Mancs are jealous of Scousers naturally because Scousers are the better looking and the more educated. Liverpool has HIGHER EMPLOYMENT rates and LOWER CRIME rates Manchester. This can be read on any government statistic site. So for all you Manc, inbred, twat headed, arse licking, fuck monkeys do yourselves a favour, dress nicely, get a hair cut then go and hang yourselves in your mud huts which are situated in an illustrious estate called MOSS SIDE MAN!
Baz/Gaz/Daz here is a benefit scrounging Mancunian wanker who generally spends his time at The Shitty of ManchestAH! Stadium.
Shipman and Huntley!!
Manchester is a dense squalid hell hole over-run by immigrants and niggers.
#wankers #twats #cunts #arse holes #tossers
by Stephen C Sergeant October 11, 2005
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