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A Tai Chi Chuan posture which conveys ultimate meaning to all things.
I neautralized his attack while capturing her in the crook of my arm before finishing him off with a palm strike to the jawline.
by Stephe Watson April 11, 2003
A startling comeuppance inflicted on one or more intrepid and over-confident foes involving far-fetched martial techniques culminating in ippon.
Noelle, seeing that her instructor was trying to embarrass her by putting her in a highly tense and nearly impossible-to-win situation decided to knee her opponent repeatedly in the groin and finish him with a infuriated soul's last recourse: a Nupie Fling
by Stephe Watson April 26, 2004
A chronic condition in which one assumes that anything mentioned pertains to you, is bad and is germane to you.
Jermaine yelled "What?!?" with a mixture of appalled horror and curious skittishness when Ethan mentioned tacos; as though he intended to include Jermaine in the analogy.
by Stephe Watson August 06, 2003
Full-on Righteous Punch-up
Man, that incessant idiot Ethan sure did deserve an FRP.
by Stephe Watson August 07, 2003

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