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2 definitions by Stephanie Bell

The word'knowlie'is derived from'Knowle Hospital',a mental hospital near Wickham,Hampshire.The term first became popular in the 90's when Swanmore secondary school leavers of '92 used it as an insulting term for fellow class mates,insinuating (rather unkindly) they should be locked away with the rest of the halfwits and misfits!
Stephanie and Jo sniggered as Alison arrived at the Jubilee Hall disco-'oh my god,look at what she's wearing-what a knowlie!!'
by Stephanie Bell February 27, 2008
An affectionate term used by Swanmore Leavers of '92,meaning homosexual
He's gorgeous,and so well groomed,do you think he's single? Na mate,blokes a poohstabber for sure
by Stephanie Bell February 27, 2008