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4 definitions by StephanGFX

The act of wiping sweaty camel nuts on ones turban and chocking one with it.
Last night i was sleeping and Muhammed woke me up and gave me the worst Arabian chokehold. So I killed his camel.
by StephanGFX June 15, 2007
The act of two Arabs having a sword fight with their cock.
Damn dude Mohammed totally owned me with his arabian cock fighting skills. No wonder he is also known as Cockus Maximus.
by StephanGFX April 13, 2008
Another name for assless chaps.
Damn those are some homo tavitas.
by StephanGFX August 02, 2008
A person of arabian descent that has sex with his nipple.
Damn Mohammad gave the best arabian nipple snatch I've ever seen last night.
by StephanGFX June 14, 2007