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1 definition by Stella6543

A tomboy-slut is a girl who hits on guys by laughing at their stupid jokes even when it is at the expense of her friends. She may also brag about how much she knows about sports and video games in order to impress guys. But if you took the time you would find out that the only game system she's ever had was a pink Game Boy Advance. She greets her "guy-friends" by punching them and addressing them as "dude."
There are rumors that tomboy-sluts have male genitals.
Lisa: I didn't understand the homework last night.
Hughey: Probably cause you're retarded.
Diana: Ahahahaha that's a good one, Hughey!


Lisa: What kind of friend are you if you don't even stick up for me?
Diana: I am your friend, but I'm a tomboy-slut as well!
Lisa: Fuck you bitch!
by Stella6543 November 12, 2007