1 definition by Steel Condor

Shawn is a common name given to extreme homosexuals. This person is so far into the closet and afraid to tell anybody how gay they are that they pledge their love for girls named Kelly. Shawn is obsessed with masturbating and does it while he is in the waiting lobby for games of halo 3. Shawn's true love is toward Matt, who is the reason Shawn will play halo 3 even though he sucks hard blistering meat sticks. Shawn loves to yank his crank to the sound of Matts voice. Shawn often looks to Billy for his lifes purpose, which there is cleary nothing for Shawn in life but pure failure.
Billy: Hey Erik, did you hear about Shawn

Erik: Yea, doesnt he masturbate all day or something?

Billy: Actually Yea he does, he's always jerkin it to matts voice on Halo.

Matt:Hey Shawn.

Shawn:Yo bitch, wats up? *mutes xbox mic* o my god, i think i just came. Mom can you get me some napkins!
by Steel Condor July 21, 2009

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