1 definition by Steaz Iced Teaz

A group of individuals who don’t give a shit about anything.

Belongs to a sub-culture of an underground movement heavily influenced by its heavy music, and scene, which is dead and no longer around.

Listens to raw, dissonant, violent and unrelenting music which shoves misanthropic views of disgust toward life down your throat. Stems from a melting pot of ideas, cultures, fashion, art... taking only the best elements of punk, crust punk, power violence, noise, grind, thrash, sludge, doom, metal, heavy-metal, death metal, youth crew, emo, etc....

Hardcore takes these subgenre elements, selectively combines specific things about them, then and calls it, its own.

Hardcore kids are usually very proud, brooding, violent, sick of it, one-dimensional, tattoo covered, better than everyone, conceited, self- centered, pissed-off, hopeless, heart on sleeve, chip on shoulder, angry assholes that have no respect and talk shit on everything.

They only come out at 7:00pm for $5 shows at some shitty venue or junk yard show that will get closed down for fighting or breaking shit, they also like to slam-dance, start bands, tour, have a good taste for independent films and explicit art and most importantly don’t care about being your friend.
There are no examples of hardcore kids, it is what it is.
by Steaz Iced Teaz August 07, 2011

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