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Having sex while writing really, really good software. In fact, so good, anyone that uses the software for the first time has an orgasm over how good it is and how good it was for you when you wrote it.
Anal Corporate Employee: Why is everyone moaning when they use the new web site?

Very Hip Manager: The guy we got to write it made 31337th base finishing the project.

Now turned on, Anal Corporate Employee: You have his email address for me?
by Stealth Ricochet August 15, 2009
Short for "Social Networking Artificial Face eXchange." This is when someone fakes being someone else on a social networking site. Typically done to get the someone else in trouble, start a fight or just trash the someone else's reputation.
Dude: "Hey, why did you say you were showing up last night on Facebook and didn't show?"

Chic: "I didn't say that on Facebook. I wasn't even on Facebook last night."

Dude: "I bet your roommate that you got in a fight with last week snafx'ed your Facebook."

Chic: "That bitch!"
by Stealth Ricochet July 16, 2009
Originally, a hobo party resulting in everyone meeting at once without any plans. This has evolved to any gather of homeless resulting in a rave. It has a slight undertone of planning criminal activity such as assault and robbery.
Those bums down the street got a hold of a boom box and did a ragnabash all night. I barely got enough sleep for class today.
by Stealth Ricochet May 17, 2009
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