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23 definitions by Stauder

Going from point A to B in as much shade as possible
-Why is Mike zig zagging all over the street?
-He's shade running.
by Stauder July 10, 2008
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The volume at which most stereotypical asian girls speak, the volume where if anything else is going on you won't hear her. Not restricted to asian girls also used by shy people.
No one car hear Tom because he's using his little asian girl voice.
by Stauder October 07, 2009
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When two or more people chug a set among of vodka, the first to finish being the winner.
-why the fuck does my head hurt so much?

-you won the russian marathon, remember?

-...........no not really.
by Stauder May 09, 2009
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When some one is so intoxicated they think they can dance when in reality they can't. Normally seen at bars with live bands, but also seen at any establishment that serves liquor and has music.
Last Sunday I was at a bar and I shit you not there were twelve people dancing drunk.
by Stauder March 23, 2009
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a measure of distance, approximately 50-60 feet
Michael: where is johnny?
Ryan: about a stone throw away
by Stauder May 05, 2008
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A woman( girlfriend, wife, etc) that is never happy with what she has, she always want more.
Betty- I want that new purse and those shoes and that skirt
Tom- Stop being a fisherman's wife
by Stauder May 13, 2009
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An event where people gather together with rubix cubes and engage in unknown actions which may or may not be sexual in nature.
-Hey Eric want to go to a cube party.
-Hell yea!, let me get my cube.
by Stauder July 27, 2009
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