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2 definitions by Stat Quo

A Mercedes-Benz CL600. A very nice whip, its good and fast with plenty of power. It has a manual transmission, but because of cutting edge technology, it needs no clutch. If you want one, expect to be paying 6 figures.
"Why they didn't make the CL6 with a clutch?"--Jadakiss|Why
by Stat Quo November 03, 2005
56 15
Spud Gunning (v.) - The process of going to the store and purchacing a ten pound bag of potatoes and can of hair spray. Once the supplies are purchaced put them in the back of a pickup truck along with a potato cannon. Next drive out to a remote desert location and shoot the potatoes!
My friends and I went spud gunning for three hours this weekend. It was bomb.
by Stat Quo November 06, 2005
6 5