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a singer/guitarist who was in a band in the late 50s that had a hit with "Journey to the Center of the Mind". He went solo in the mid 70s. He gained a reputation for his wild stage antics and meandering crazy gonzo onstage rants. He has released many albums but the only good solo songs he has made are "Little Miss Dangerous" (used in an episode of Miami Vice) and the radio hit "Cat Scratch Fever". Such a small number of good songs from a 30-year+ career is a mighty sad ratio. In the 90s he was a member of the derivative band Damn Yankees. A gun enthusiast and hunting fan, he's caused controversy by his support of canned hunting and killing animals for no damn good reason. He says that all environmentalists and animal advocates can "kiss his ass". He did his damndest to get out of the draft during the Vietnam War era (1958 - 1975) but now is a cheerleader and armchair warrior, claiming to "support the troops". A complete dumbass hypocrite. He visited one of Saddam Hussein's palaces like a spectator after the Iraqi dictator was deposed. Terrible Ted said he really got a thrill out of that. It's OK to take a look around after the violence has gone someplace else and you're out of danger, isn't it? Ted said that Baghdad should've been "Nagasaki"ed. Sheer ignorance. Since he supports the Iraq War so much, why don't he ship his cowardly ass over to Iraq and fight it as well? He has done and said countless other offensive things. He is a slave to an extreme political ideology. He is now a droid, a brainwashed robot who can't think for himself and cannot accept the diversity that America is supposed to be.
In a concert in Michigan a few years ago, a journalist writing a review of a Ted Nugent concert noted that Ted performed an "idolatrous ritual" of "worshipping the American flag". Ted Nugent has long been known to be obnoxious in his concerts and such. Now he's also a pushy extremist loudmouth cretin asshole programmed by an ideology. Sad.
by Starpunk October 13, 2007
1. he was a member of the legendary British rock'n'roll band the Beatles. He also had a solo hit with the first song I ever learned, which was "My Sweet Lord". The "alleluia" chorus just stuck in my head like marshmellow cream on a graham cracker. I always recognized it when it starting playing on the radio. Also, his hit "I Got My Mind Set on You" hit the top of the charts right after I got my discharge from military service. People can say what they will but George has written songs that mark important milestones in my life. R.I.P. George

2. a famous American bird expert
1. The George Harrison Cloud 9 CD is excellent.

2. The bird expert George Harrison is featured in the magazine Birds and Blooms.
by Starpunk October 29, 2006
PYT is an abbreviation for "Pretty Young Thing". This term became well known when Michael Jackson featured a song by that name on his classic album "Thriller". Usually, the term applies to an attractive young woman.
Man, that Karen who works at the ice cream parlor is a major PYT. She is stacked to the max!
by Starpunk January 02, 2007
1. Utter corporate shit that the men in suits push on the public in order to dumb down the populace. It is manufactured to the max by some "songwriters" in Europe who think music can be put together like Lego sets - I could write better lyrics and music than what's on these "songs" when I am STONED. Pop music acts concentrate more on their looks, sexuality and choreographed dance moves. ALL of those teenybopper pop acts suck out the unwashed ass. The fucking Spice Girls started this trend of trash about 10 years ago and the public have been sheep ever since. We need a punk-like rock and roll movement to bring music back to the people.

2. A chart-topping new wave hit for M in late 1979.
1. Quit playing that Britney Spears crap! She can't sing. Here. Play this U2 CD instead. U2 rocks. That Britney Speares CD ain't good for nothing except for use as a frisbee, and then you should fling it in the fucking trash can.

2. ... New York London Paris Munich everybody talk about pop music
talk about pop music, talk about pop music
shimmy shimmy doo-wop pop pop shoo-wop...
by Starpunk November 30, 2006
a money-making scam that is the end of music itself. It has little kids "singing" popular songs (which these days are shit anyway) with dirty words edited. Musical talent goes out the window. Any little kid is used because any little kid can fuck up a song. Perfect for totalitarian soccer moms to give their brats a censored, fucked-up excuse for music to listen to. Trash. The death of music. Period.
All Kidz Bop albums suck out the ass big time.
by Starpunk September 26, 2006
the fun of it, the sake of doing it, thrills, sensation, "funsies", the hell of it, because it's there, "the devil made me do it"
Billy: why did you spray graffiti on the train?

Jojo: shits and giggles
by Starpunk November 06, 2006
Bum Fuck Egypt. The sticks, the boondocks, way out in the middle of nowhere, man.
I hate going to Jean's house. She lives way out in BFE.
by Starpunk October 01, 2006
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