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Perfectly respectable alternative dwelling primarily found in the United States. Cheaper priced and often manufactured for less, these dwellings (and thusly their inhabitants) are often looked down upon by the greater society. Truly, mobile homes and their residents are misunderstood and wrongly catagorized as 'trashy' because of long running stereo types dating back to the 1950's. Indeed, the modern mobile home and their owners have evolved beyond the 'white trash hick' stock characters others try to force them to be, but remain overshadowed by the ignorant and those who need to grow up.
Guy #1: Duuuude! Look at all that trailer trash!
Guy #2: What?
Guy #1: Everyone knows that trailer parks are shit dumps.
Guy #2: I'm going to slit your ignorant throat.
Guy #1: Yeah, I deserve it. Sorry to have wrongly put mobile homes down.
Guy #2: Too late.
Guy #1: Kkgggggchshhhhhhhhhhkkkkk -
Guy #2: God, I hate that sound.
#mobile home #trailer #trailer trash #white trash #trailor #trailer park #camper #housing #home
by StarOnion February 09, 2007
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