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A snowstorm of such intensity and magnitude such that it leaves ones house completely snowed in and in some cases traps people on their roof tops. (Commonly occurs in the large western mountain ranges of the United States and Alaska)

The Road between Mammoth Mountain and June Lake was closed for three days when Hurricane Powtrina Hit.
by Stan Wilkinson May 17, 2008
(adjective) Normally used to describe the snow or weather conditions on a ski mountain when they become stormy, windy, icy, extremely cold or otherwise particularly difficult. Used by snowboarders and some skiiers. Linguists studying the term have concluded that it likely originated in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range ski towns during late 2007 towards the end of the Hummer H2 age and was primarily used by resort industry instructors at June Mountain, California.
Whoa man, you had better suit up.... it's turning gnarley cakes out there.
by Stan Wilkinson May 17, 2008
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