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The nickname of Metro PCS. You might be able to get unlimited minutes for cheat, but has the worst service! Metro + Ghetto = Ghetro!
Guy 1: "Damn, I don't have service in this area!"
Guy 2: "I Do!"
Guy 1: "Why is that?"
Guy 2: "'Cause I have Nextel!"
Guy 1: " Darn! I only have Ghetro!"
by Stack'D Out April 13, 2006
Blinged Out Beaners. Fuckin' mexicans who have paper aka money.. who dress to impress the bitches
Guy 1"Damn that foo is a B.O.B."
Guy 2"What's Dat?"
Guy 1"Blinged Out Beaner, u retarded white boy!"
Guy 2"Oh, I see"
by Stack'D Out October 23, 2005
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