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When a bag (of any sort) is shat in. The bag will then become a "Viking Bronze Hammer" when it is used as a blunt weapon over the head of any foe, until it ruptures, covering said foe in feces.
Bitch stole my monies, so I gave her a Viking Bronze Hammer and kicked her down the stairs, compound fracturing her femur in eight places.
#viking #bronze #shit #shat #poo #hammer #awesome viking shit
by St. Bootsy Collins January 07, 2007
Much like the myth of Icarus, the consequences of being too daring and proud.

When a female (or male) is wearing a skirt, and the "Icarus" attempts to look up said skirt. He will then receive an "Icarus surprise" when his face is then urinated upon.
Bitch looked fine, so I took a peak up her skirt and got an Icarus surprise! So I kicked her down the stairs and broke her clavicles.
#icarus #suprise #uranation #upskirt #skirt #peak #peakaboo #piss
by St. Bootsy Collins January 07, 2007
When a strap-on, angled 15 degrees to the left, is mounted on the forehead of any authority figure and then used to penetrate any orifice of the human body. Usually followed by the infamous Viking Bronze Hammer.

Those who propagate the Non-Euclidean Sun Bonnet are oft referred to as 'Bonneteers'.
Bitch came back from work late, so I stuck her with the Non-Euclidian Sun Bonnet and followed it up with a Viking Bronze Hammer. This was all, of course, after I kicked her down the stairs.
#geometry #sun #bonnet #strap-on #strap on #bitch #stair-kicking
by St. Bootsy Collins September 05, 2007
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