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1. Short for "Schizophrenic" as in "Paranoid Schizophrenic". Which is a severe mental disorder often confused with "Mutiple Personality Sydrome".

2. Someone with wildly diverse personality traits that manifests themselves in a less than sane manner.
That bitch is a schizo. One minute she's a Sunday school girl, the next minute she's crack whore that would make a sailor blush.
by Squid Viscious July 18, 2005
A derrogatory term for a person of Middle Eastern ethincity insinuating a lack of intellect. A combination of towel head and tard.
Osama Bin Ladin must be a real towel tard for attacking the U.S.
by Squid Viscious July 18, 2005
A White Castle hamberger, a slider that is eventually regurgitated. (White Castle is a hamburger resteraunt in the United States).
Those sliders I had after I left the bar became backsliders.
by Squid Viscious July 18, 2005
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