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1)Commonly mistaken as an actual musical sub-genra of Metal. In reality, it was purely the title of an album put out by Finnish Goth band HIM, and vocalist Ville Valo was concieted enough to try to claim his band as one worthy enough to create a new sub-genra of Metal.

2) Emo with distirtion.

3) Sad forshadowing of where not only our music is heading, but our youth as well.

4) Desperate attempt to sabatoge real Metal, such as Lamb of God, Chimaira, Whitechapel, and the like.

5) A terrible excuse for pathetic little emo kids to try to act hardcore.
Emo kid- "I listen to Love Metal .^_^. HIM is my fav band XD"

Metalhead- "Shut the f*ck up kid. You wouldn't know metal if it whupped your scrawny little ass."

Emo Kid- "Wanna bet?"

Metalhead- "Sure."
*Proceeds to whup some emo ass.*
by Sprocket Conover June 25, 2009
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