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(1) A penis, usually wider than long.
(2) The perineal area. See taint or grundle.
(3) Pubic hair. This definition seems to originate from New Jersey.
(1) Whoa! He's hung like a beer can! What a choad!
(2) Lick my choad.
(3) Eat my choad.
by Spike Jonez October 24, 2004
Anthropomorphic animals, esp. in Furcadia. See also furry.
Some furres make Dreams, 'maps' that are created by the player, and uploaded to Furcadia so that other players may enter and enjoy them.
by Spike Jonez October 24, 2004
Term to describe a fan of the late, great Mtv cult show Sifl & Olly. See also crescent fresh.
"Gawd, I'm such a sockhead."
"But dude, that's crescent fresh."
"Super cres."
by Spike Jonez October 24, 2004
A boner. An erect choad.
Die Hard With A Vengeance? More like Die Hard With A Choader.
by Spike Jonez October 24, 2004
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