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Cowan may seem like most normal everyday people, but they are not what they seem. They are actually members of a secretive and dangerous scientific cult known as 'The Unity'. The Unity focuses on using deception and mental powers to subdue their enemies, before killing them. Their standerd issue is a knife, made of quartz crystals, that can saw through bone and flesh.

A Cowan is The Unity's NOAs, (non-official agent) that are used for infiltration or protection missions. They are recruited for their talents as young as eight and are trained in the arts of deception, followed by mastering knife fighting.

A Cowan does not feel pain, as they can numb their senses. They can neutralize their hunger by just thinking of food. They do not feel cold and can survive in wintery climates for hours without proper attire.

A Cowan will at costs fulfill their mission, even at the expense of dying or killing their friends. Extremely competitive in nature, they tend to display strengths in science. They too have radical ideas on historical facts, event or figure like the Soviet Union or World War Two or Adolf Hitler.

A Cowan is extremely loyal to those who have earned it, so are they to their comrades.

A Cowan, is very hard to kill. The best thing that we can use is the power of love.
He is so dumb.

Don't underestimate him, he is a Cowan
by Spies in the Sky September 14, 2011

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