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2 definitions by Spencer Reilly

The distortion of ones vision due to watching the constant scrolling of the guitar hero screen for an extended period of time. Object generally appear to be stretching upward or swirling in a circular pattern.
Yo i just played Psycho Billy Freakout on hard and now im guitar hero tripping my balls off.
by Spencer Reilly November 30, 2006
Warlock is a dank type of headies whose parent plants are Skunk One (Super Skunk) and Afghan . It dwarfs all other types of headies when refering to its smell. Its aroma is very intense and smells very similar to an actual skunk... If you dont smoke you will say it stinks, however if you like marijuana at all you will be in shock at how awesome it is.
Did Somebody Get Sprayed By A Skunk?
Aahah no thats just the warlocks
by Spencer Reilly May 30, 2006