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The word Emo refers to either:

1. The Emo (Or Emotive Hardcore) Modern Music Genre, a subdivision of Hardcore Punk.
2. The Emo (Or Emotive Hardcore) movement: a subculture of western, middle to upper-class young people.

Note: Not to be confused with Goth

The Term Emotive Hardcore began with the band Rites of Spring in 1985 who took a more personal approach to punk. Their songs were about personal problems and negativities they experienced in life and the term 'Emo' was coined as an insult to describe the followers of the band.

Modern Emo bands are difficult to pick because whether or not a band is emo is very subjective. Many people consider Pop-Punk bands such as Good Charlotte and Taking Back Sunday as Emo, others do not. Bands most widely excepted as emo include Dashboard Confessional, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco and Lost Prophets, though even these arguably fall under the genre. Emo music is often avoided by non-emos simply because it is emo, but not always. Just because someone listens to an emo band, does not mean they are emo.

The Emo subculture is a group comprising practicaly entirely of teenagers from a middle to upper-class society. Emos are generally people from well-off homes who consider themselves depressed and distraught. They disapprove with modern ways of thinking and seek not to conform to Pop-Culture. They dress usually in black and thier hair is almost always straight and dark, often covering part of the face. Emo's often have modified sexual preferences and are open to sexual experimentation whereby they consider themselves homosexual and bisexual however considering the young age of many such emos, the actual accuracy of their sexual status is often arguable as many believe such people are still growing and thus have not been able to make a proper decision as yet.

There are two types of Emo's
1: Try-hard Emo's: As named by true Emo's (see below), try-hard emos are people who believe themselves to be emo. They dress like emos and openly advertise thier self-proclaimed Emo status. These types of emos are unlikely to have been through any sort of emotional turmoil and simply dress as they do for social reasons in most cases.

2: True Emo's: Often an evolution of a try-hard emo, but not always, a true emo is a person who genuinly considers themselves depressed. True emo's will never call themselves emo but may use terms such as Scene Kid to describe each other and will often openly advertise their depression. The transition between the two types of emo is often the result of a relationship break-up whereby the emo considers themselves wrongly done by and depressed as a result.
Sadly, true emos will often hurt themselves either in self-pity or as a public display of thier depression. This stereotypically involves slitting of the wrists whereby an emo attempts sucide (though purposly does not follow through) but can often incude other forms of self-destruction. Emos rarely sucide without an outside force such as drugs or alcohol having an effect on them

The parody from the emo subculture is obvious and along with their somewhat anti-social behaviour almost always leads to their outcast from other social groups (which in turn they may consider to add to their depression).

The Emo Parody:
1. Emos disagree with modern pop-culture and wish to separate themselves from modern society – they seek to be individual, but in doing so they actually simply group themselves into another culture, and a negative one at that. They fail to be individual at all and instead are just another group of people.
2. Emos believe themselves depressed, though clinically almost all emos are perfectly healthy mentally and their self-proclaimed depression is an insult to truly depressed people. Emos are well off people who draw attention to themselves by, and perhaps even gain pleasure in, attempting to lead others to believe they are depressed by past experiences. They truth of the matter is, everyone experiences the issues they face, and many people to a greater and much more damaging degree. Emos are depressed about nothing and if they spent half the time they spend wallowing in self-pity as they did happy and fulfilled, the world and their world would be a considerably better place.
Non-Emo: Those Fucking Emo kids are such a pack of cunts.

Try-Hard Emo: I am so depressed man. Nobody gets me. I wish i wasn't an emo.

True-Emo 1: Nobody gets me man. I am so depressed.
True Emo 2: Man, you cut your wrists. Why?
True Emo 1: The world just doesn't get me *sob*
by SpeedyReedy January 03, 2007

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