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One of those shits that feel as if your growing a second asshole. Your body stiffens as you go through this shit process. After the aching pain, a little sting may occur around the opening of the hole because of the excess stretching it has gone through. After the whole process you feel very light on your feet usually.
This does not happen frequently (well it shouldn't).
Person 1: Yo, I took the most manliest shit the other day; it felt like I was literally having a truck come out of my asshole!

Person 2: Ugh... a badonkadump. I hate having those because they hurt so damn much.
by Spearchuckin Tarbaby December 03, 2009
Not being able to sleep because you love to masturbate.
I could not sleep all week because I got insomnabation.
by Spearchuckin Tarbaby November 09, 2009
A fat nigger who gobbles and has a bird brain.
Nigger: Gobble gobble gobble...
White Guy: Damn Nurkey! Shut Up!
by Spearchuckin Tarbaby November 09, 2009
When your erect penis is shown through the leg of your pants instead of where the zipper is placed. Usually a nigger would have this happen to him all the time because of its largeness. It's supposedly too big to poke straight forward
Person 1: What the fuck is the dick doing there? Is it growing out of his fucking leg!?
Person 2: Nah, he just has a legger.
by Spearchuckin Tarbaby November 12, 2009
1. To masturbate during class.

2. A teaching on masturbation.
1. I was in the back getting my edumabation on.

2. I got all my edumabation from my uncle. HE has all the rules for masturbating.
by Spearchuckin Tarbaby November 09, 2009
A jello loving nigger
Basically, Bill Cosby is a jigger.
by Spearchuckin Tarbaby November 09, 2009

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