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n. A person's hands that are covered in human excrement (shit)
ex. A general description of being displeased, or a term for an unpleasant person
Ex. (n) That guy needs to learn to wipe, he was wearing a pair of shit mittens when he came out of the stall.

(n) My daughter tried to take care of her own diaper, but only ended up with a pair of shit mittens.

(ex) Oh shit mittens!

(ex) Don't listen to that guy, he's just a shit mitten.
by Spc. Edwards August 24, 2006
A sexual act where a guy is doing a girl (or another guy) doggie style. As the guy is about to orgasm, he pulls out, and spits on the girl's back while masturbating, but not ejaculating.
Thinking he came, the girl turns arround, at which point the guy unleashes into the girl's face, and shouts "HOUDINI!"

If your partner still talks to you after recieving a Houdini, they are a total slut.
Dude, I'm breaking up with my girlfriend tomorrow, so tonight I'm giving her a Houdini!

I will give you $20 if you sleep with her and give her a Houdini.
by Spc. Edwards August 20, 2005

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