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Acronym for "Richmond, Virginia". Generally only used by citizens, former citizens, or friends of citizens.
I'm headed up to RVA this weekend to chill with my peeps.
by Spazure Silicon February 11, 2004
An avid listener of ska music, especially that of "traditional" and "2-tone" waves of ska. Feminized from rudeboy
Check out the rudegirl in the checkered tights skanking to Skasmopolitan!
by Spazure Silicon February 11, 2004
Tacoma, WA based ska band in existence during the mid to late 90's. Was well known locally for their song "Slut Named Rachel" which received lots of airplay. In addition, they received many fans through mp3.com where they had "Slut Named Rachel", "Josh", and "Elpheen" available free (and legal) for download.
I'm listening to some Skasmopolitan with a phat bass line!
by Spazure Silicon February 11, 2004
The acronym used in most commonly referring to the RVA BBS known as FireChat Online.
I was on FCOL the other day, and there were actually people online.
by Spazure Silicon February 11, 2004

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