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To outrun someone by a large margin. Used a lot here in my neighborhood called Olney in the city of Philadelphia. Pronounced : Dicked eeem or Dicked him.
Guy 1: yo John and Joe raced each other yesterday.
Guy 2: Oh yeah who won?
Guy 1: John dicked em!
by Spawn of Satan666 August 06, 2009
To get punched real hard or badly in the face. Used a lot in my hood in Philadelphia. To be dicked is to be beaten in a fight.
Guy: Yo Jared was walking down the street yesterday and James came out of nowhere and dicked him right in his face.
by Spawn of Satan666 August 06, 2009
A movie that contains content only entertaining or appealing to white people. Also comedies that are too smart for other races to understand.
Slayer fan 1: My black friend slept over once and we watched office space. He didn't find it funny at all.

Slayer fan 2: I guess it is a white people movie.
by Spawn of Satan666 June 29, 2009

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