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A phrase used to deliberately confuse, confound or befuddle a person with little or no grasp of the English language, who is employed in a job or position where the speaking and the comprehension of English is of paramount importance.

Its use is more effectively enhanced in a sentence, which utilizes other complicated or easily misunderstood words
Gas attendant: What now you want me?

Motorist: My good man, could you direct me, expeditiously if you please, to Wibble Wobble Ave?


Busboy: Can I help to you much?

Diner: Yes my dear fellow, we require forthwith, more bread rolls and a commodious pitcher of iced Wibble Wobble.
by Sparticus Freeholdius May 07, 2009
A person, male or female, who enjoys smelling or licking the seats of bicycles, especially in the summer months.
Sammy the Scrunger is never more happy, until he has spent a fruitful day of scrunging
by Sparticus Freeholdius May 07, 2009
A person when asked by a friend or associate to provide assistance with some task, agrees to help, shows up and then fakes his assistance by utilizing deception with the expectation of garnering thanks but providing no actual effort towards the task in hand.
Fred, the Fake Couch Lifter, showed up the other day to help us move house. When it came to moving the couch, he reached under the couch but did not exert any energy, thus giving an erroneous impression that he was helping to lift the couch
by Sparticus Freeholdius May 07, 2009

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