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New Canaan is a good place to live. The people are really nice, although they can be a little snotty.True, it's hard when you walk down the street(if you actually do, instead of in an air conditioned Mercedes) to not see a Range Rover or a suburban. However, it's unfair to stereotype NC people. They are actually really nice, and before you judge you should meet the people. Also,despite the perfectly manicured lawns and huge mansions on Brushy Ridge,look on the inside and be surprised with what you find. Many women get their nails done(I was at Floris and saw a 6 year old there!!!!)as well as their daughters. To the people in Norwalk: Don't base NC people on how they act with the LINKS program-it sucks. Just because they have more expensive clothes than you or a bigger house than yours does not mean that you should be mean and say that all NC people are like that.You are just jealous. It's okay: everyone can be. You can probably tell that I live in New Canaan. just because you live in a smaller house than everyone else doesn't mean we are worse than anyone else.
Maybe New Canaan has its cons: but it has pros too, just like every other town.
by Sparkling Perrier May 29, 2006

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