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10 definitions by Spanky4679

The phrase to end all good times. Usually exclaimed by a fun-hating woman who can not stand to see her friends enjoy themselves. Must be exclaimed in a half-speed baritone for greatest effect. Can also be used to mock that person at the first hint ruining a good time.
Anyone care for another drink, perhaps play a game, enjoy yourself?

No fun allowed!
by Spanky4679 November 28, 2005
An alternative spelling for the Anglo-American name Bridget. It is a style that appears French, and therefore sophisticated, in the eyes of Francophiles. They especially enjoy pronouncing it as the phoenetic Bridge-ott, with a subtle air of cultural superiority.
My name is Bridgette and I'm French. Why else would I be wearing this ridiculous hat? I have a reservation for eight o'clock, and I'm better than you. Now get me my table or I will taunt you a second time.
by Spanky4679 April 19, 2006
1. The one who will, sooner or later, give it to ya.
2. Dead man walking.
3. A militant, right-wing, neo-Fascist.
4. The Devil, and doing the Devil's work.
5. The guy who loves every minute of his job. Ooo Rah!
Yo X, can you believe I married Red?
by spanky4679 November 30, 2005