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A videotape created by SkaneCo. The main plotline (considering there was one compressed into the hardcore "Carptet-Munching Action") focused around the love affair of Cinderella and Snow White. Here is a box reading of the tape:
"After the marriage, Cinderella was feeling incredibly neglected by Pince Charming. And Snow White had trouble with the dwarves after her love broke up. When they met on a sunny day in the meadow they knew they had to have eachother, resulting in a sensual exoplosion."
The video contains acts illegal in some states. The video was never released on DVD due to (in the testing process) the DVD was covered in semen, and hence, unusable.
"Cinderella and Snow White Lesbian Sex Tape had me utterly stunned", shouted a crack-addicted hobo.

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